Can I apply through the AMCAS application system?

No, Sackler has its own application.

Do I have to travel to New York for my interview?

Not necessarily. We try to accommodate candidates by conducting interviews in the nearest geographical location. However, this is not always possible.

Do you take transfer students?


I have dual citizenship with United States/Canada and Israel. Can I enroll in the program?


How important is it to speak Hebrew?

All courses-both basic science and clinical clerkships-are taught in English. However, we encourage students to take Hebrew language courses and develop a basic understanding of the language so they will be able to communicate with patients during their clinical clerkships. It is worth noting that English is the most commonly spoken foreign language in Israel. Students learn medical Hebrew during the first two years of study.

 Do I have to be concerned about safety in Israel and Tel Aviv?

Israeli security forces are among the best in the world. More than three million tourists safely visit Israel each year. According to the U.S. State Department reports, “Tel Aviv sustains a low rate of violent crime compared to other similarly-sized metropolitan cities. The most common crimes are vehicle thefts, petty larcenies, and residental burglaries….” It is possible for individuals to enroll in the State Department’s “Smart Traveler Enrollment Program” at, which will send you notifications of any alerts about your stay. Tel Aviv University is concerned about all of its students and takes necessary steps to protect all members of the Tel Aviv University community. They are in constant touch with Israeli and American officials.

CANADIAN APPLICANTS:  Two years of CEGEP have to be combined and included on the freshman line of the GPA table (p. 3 of the application). The years following the CEGEP entry are to be filled in with the relevant information:

  • Freshman…….2 CEGEP years
  • Sophomore….1st undergraduate year
  • Junior………….2nd undergraduate year
  • Senior………….3rd and last undergraduate year